Teaching for Practical Application: How to Create Content for Student Success

Dr. Lisa Susanne Goolsby

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Lisa has a unique perspective on the Millennial generation, which she gained through her work as a marketing professor and coffee bar owner. Lisa has developed strategy for a variety of products and services, and she finds her greatest joy in the "ah-ha!" moment when her research and strategy collide and products and services succeed. To relieve stress, she spends time with her two active children, runs as fast and as far as time will allow, does CrossFit with some of her former students, and rolls on the mats with a great coach for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She loves learning new things, and the more active they are, the better!


As academics, we work to teach principles, but are your students prepared to shine in the marketplace? In this session, we’ll discuss how to teach application along with principles, create great teaching moments, keep your curriculum fresh, and provide students with situational marketing assignments.