Strategy, Execution, and Managing Today’s Marketing Students

Terry Sullivan


Terry Sullivan has more than 30 years of experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, consultant, and professor. In addition to several start-ups including a successful exit of his first company, Terry has worked for a variety of small and large companies and is the Founder and President of Strategic Glue, a marketing consultancy in St. Louis, Missouri. As an Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor in the School of Communications and the School of Business at Webster University (also in St. Louis, Missouri), Terry has 14 years of higher education experience and is the author of two Stukent courseware titles, Marketing Management Today and Brand Management & Strategy: Building & Sustaining a Valuable Brand. Terry studied English and management as an undergrad and has a master’s degree in International Business from Saint Louis University. Terry is married with two sons and enjoys songwriting, guitar playing, movies, reading, exercising, and occasional skateboarding.


This session will focus on what students want and need to know in an ever-changing work environment. There is often a gap between what instructors think students should know and what they really need to know — and much goes far beyond hard marketing skills. We’ll explore strategy, execution, and management from the perspectives of instructors, students, employers, and clients.