ProfCon 2023 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Stu Draper

Slide Deck


With his newly-found awareness, a successful background in helping companies succeed online, considerable experience helping interns learn the business, and his trademark “git ‘er done” approach, Stu first convinced Jeff Larson to be his co-author, then a select group of investors, to join him in developing an academic platform whereby college professors everywhere would have access to a reasonably-priced, highly-effective, web-based internet marketing course. The goal was to design a program that both students and teachers would love … a turn-key approach that would make sense, produce stellar results, and be able to grow along with the needs of the professor and the department. After all, if you’re going to keep up with the ever-changing needs and best practices of internet marketing, you must be flexible. Since inception in 2013, Stukent has grown in products by the dozens, students by the hundreds of thousands, instructors by the thousands, and employees by the dozens. Stu is known for saying, “What Under Armour was to Nike and Adidas, Stukent is to Pearson and McGraw-Hill.” Just like Under Armour no longer just sells a spandex t-shirt, Stukent no longer just sells a digital marketing textbook and simulation. Our Simternship™ platform and our online courseware allow Stukent to continuously add and update courseware that instructors use for a wide variety of business and marketing subjects.