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Danaka Porter, M. Eng.

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Danaka obtained her Master of Engineering from MIT in systems and supply chain — which is just a fancy way of saying algorithm writing and process optimization. She is a partner at iota consulting, a management consulting firm, where she works in supply chain, project management, and data analytics in heavy manufacturing and technology. Her work often includes ensuring the Navy and Coast Guard vessels have the correct gear, writing predictive algorithms for oil and gas companies, or optimizing the supply chain of a global mine. Danaka is also a sessional lecturer at the Dhillon School of Business, where she teaches supply chain and project management. Danaka is a cofounder and the COO of VitaNova Tech, a fertility company. She wrote the algorithms to better match surrogates and egg donors with intended parents. Additionally, Danaka is completing her Ph.D. in cardiology at the Cumming School of Medicine, where she is using machine learning to help predict sudden cardiac death (SCD) by rewriting the algorithms used to find certain markers. Danaka sits on the Training and Education committee for the Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada, where she educates Ph.D.s, trainees, doctors, and health care workers in implementing and using technology in cardiac care.


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