How to Teach and Learn Better Using Cases in Digital Marketing

Mary Beth McCabe

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A lifelong learner and independent traveler, Mary Beth is a Professor of Marketing at National University. She leads all marketing faculty and MS in Marketing. Her area of research is Mobile Marketing, author of the Stukent textbook, now creating the 9th edition. She has been in digital marketing since 1993, and a leader in Hispanic Marketing. She is the founder of Sun Marketing, an agency that focuses on measuring results. Her podcast is "Dr Mary Travelbest Guide," found on all platforms.


Case studies are a crucial tool for teaching and becoming a sought-after resource. Mary Beth McCabe goes over her experience with using case studies as well as a step-by-step guide to writing your own. She goes over current examples and her own process that she goes through when adding case studies to the 9th edition of Mobile Marketing Essentials. The value students get from case studies is to use relevant examples and being able to make it your own and walk away with your own understanding.