Classrooms As Catalysts: Producing Supply Chain Innovation

Nathan Stempel & Manuela Zoninsein

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Nathan Stempel, M. Eng.
Senior Consultant at Hidden River Group
In business operations, Nathan is a seasoned consultant and entrepreneur. He began his career with McKinsey and Co consulting Fortune 200 companies, government organizations, and defense contractors specializing in operational efficiencies Nathan left McKinsey to co-found Aulera, Inc. a venture backed B2B SaaS firm that was acquired in 2022. Nathan is now a Senior Consultant for Hidden River Group where he advises government departments on how to create innovation ecosystems.

Manuela Zoninsein
CEO and Founder of Kadeya
Manuela Zoninsein is the CEO and Founder of Kadeya ( , the world’s first closed-loop beverage vending system. Their network of smart bottling stations and reusable bottles eliminates the need for single-use beverage containers forever. Previously, she worked at Palantir Technologies in international business development focused on CPG, introducing the company to five new markets. As a serial climate entrepreneur, she has launched two businesses in the agritech space.


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