Bringing Simulations to Life: Creating Content and Story Around Stukent Simulations

Jack LaBaugh

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Jack LaBaugh is an experienced public relations executive, media practitioner, content creator, author, and educator. He is currently a professor of marketing at Brigham Young University - Idaho, where he created a social media marketing emphasis and is currently redesigning their marketing strategies course. In addition to his classroom responsibilities, Jack leads a team of faculty and curriculum designers specifically designed to make good courses even better. Several corporate leadership positions complement his experience in academia. Jack worked as director of marketing and public relations for a healthcare services company and as editorial director for a multi-billion-dollar consumer healthcare corporation. He was published in “The Southwest Mass Communication Journal” with the article “Are You Talking to Me? The Social-Political Visual Rhetoric of the Syrian Presidency’s Instagram Account.” He has a degree in print journalism from Brigham Young University - Idaho, a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations/Advertising and Political Science from Idaho State University, and a master’s degree in mass media studies from Brigham Young University.