Arming Students with Presentation Skills so They Can Share with Confidence and Purpose

Tara Williams

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Tara L. Williams is the author of "Public Speaking: Learning to Share with Confidence & Purpose," and has been teaching at the Medicine Hat College in Alberta, Canada for 15 years. In teaching public speaking, she loves creating a challenging environment where students can grow in their abilities, embrace their uniqueness while delivering, and increase their comfort when sharing with an audience. Along with being a college instructor, Tara is also a business transformation specialist at the City of Medicine Hat. In this role, she facilitates change through project management, plans and implements training, conducts research, creates business cases, and more. She holds a master's in interdisciplinary studies and a bachelor's in commerce, both from the University of Saskatchewan. Her degrees help her understand the impact of ideas and innovation on an organization and the resulting community. A dynamic and dedicated community leader, Tara also works to eliminate period poverty in her city and is the momma to two bright littles.


Along with determining a target audience and identifying their pain points, choosing the right message for a product or service is the foundation of marketing. Students can create all the brilliant marketing ideas in the world, but if they can’t pitch those ideas with confidence and purpose, there’s no point!
How can we help students be more confident in sharing their content? In this session, Tara L. Williams will discuss presentation anxiety, provide strategies to help students identify it, and discuss tools and strategies that you, as an instructor, can use to help build confidence in your students so they can pitch with confidence and purpose.
Developing public speaking skills isn’t just for public speaking classes, but an interdisciplinary responsibility.