3 Real-World Examples: Understanding Consumer Needs and Motives

What you will learn:

  • How knowledge of your consumers’ needs is beneficial in making deals
  • How to give suggestions to stakeholders
  • How to not buckle under the pressure of a deal

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Speaker: Veena Ramaswamy


Veena Ramaswamy is vice president of strategy at CommonBond, a financial technology company on a mission to give students and graduates more affordable, more transparent, and simpler ways to pay for higher education. The company offers refinance loans to college graduates, new loans to current students, and a suite of student loan repayment benefits to employees.
At CommonBond, Ramaswamy leads strategic partnerships and corporate development. In this capacity, she leads the company’s strategic partnerships with financial institutions, including banks and insurance companies.
She joined CommonBond from Morgan Stanley’s corporate strategy and M&A group. Ramaswamy began her career in the investment banking group at Morgan Stanley, where she worked with universities and municipalities on debt financings for infrastructure projects.

Topic:  Consumer behavior

Associated Courseware:

Consumer Behavior

Summary: In this video, Veena Ramaswamy, vice president of strategy at CommonBond, talks about 3 real-life experiences she’s had relating to consumer behavior. She draws on her interactions with internal stakeholders and external clients.


Duration: 6 mins


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