Hear What They Say…

“This is great stuff. I am using the simulator this semester and I am going to use the book and lesson plans next semester. I’m also going to add it to my undergrad next semester.”David Altounian, Ph D, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, St. Edward's University
“I think it is truly excellent. Well beyond anything else available.”Anand V. Bodapati, Ph D , Professor of Marketing, UCLA Anderson School of Management
“I’ve been teaching an electronic marketing class since 2010. A challenge in the past has been finding class materials that covered the relevant topics to my satisfaction. The Stukent online textbook is by far the best resource I have been able to find for search engine marketing. The content regarding how search engines work, organic search engine optimization, paid search campaigns, display ads, and optimizing landing pages are all terrific.”Todd Bacile, Ph D, Electronic Marketing Professor, Florida State University
“Love the book……really well done!…didn’t know it would be so popular!”Ann Root, Ph D , Marketing Professor, Florida Atlantic University
“Happy to report I’m very happy with the Stukent system so far. The PPTs are very good, book excellent and quizzes make my life much easier! Definitely using next time.”Carl Larson, Adjunct instructor, University of Washington-Bothell
“The SEM simulation is going really well; students are engaged and interested! Always a good thing…I’ve not run a simulation in class before, and online marketing is not my wheelhouse – so I’ve been really happy to have good support on the back end.”Aimee Huff, Ph D , Marketing Professor, Oregon State University