Mimic Pro: A Digital Marketing Simulation

Digital marketing professors across the world have been using Mimic Pro to provide their students with a hands-on and practical experience. Employers look to hire students with skills, and Mimic Pro provides students with the practice needed to start a career in digital marketing with confidence. 

Recent Updates: Building A Stronger Digital Marketing Foundation

The digital marketing simulation that has helped thousands of students learn the basics of PPC just got a major update. Starting in Round 4, students will get an opportunity to practice running Shopping campaigns!

E-commerce and retailers are using shopping ads to get their products in front of shoppers right as they are getting closer to making a final purchase decision. The team behind Mimic Pro wanted to give students tool that taught them the value of running shopping campaigns in a simulated environment. 

Watch this walkthrough video on how to set up and run a Shopping campaign in Mimic Pro.

Updated Instructor Resources

Download the updated Instructor Guide and Decisions and Tasks for Mimic Pro below. You can also access these from your Stukent instructor account. 

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Recent Simulation Updates

Use this table as a quick reference for the recent updates made to the Mimic Pro simulation.