Leveraging Underutilized Resources to Maximum Effect (PART 2) with Joel Chrisler

Joel Chrisler - Award-winning Financial Literacy Advocate & Veteran Teacher


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In the final part of this two-part interview with award-winning personal finance teacher Joel Chrisler, he discusses real-world activities you can do with your students.
These activities will engage your students and solidify the principles you teach in class while helping them develop practical life skills such as buying a car or renting a home.
Listen to learn more about how incorporating out-of-the-box teaching activities in your course can lead to student success.

Speaker: Joel Chrisler - Award-winning Financial Literacy Advocate & Veteran Teacher


Joel Chrysler has taught for 31 years at Sauk Prairie High School in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. He is an advisory member of the Wisconsin Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy, an 11-time attendee at the Jumpstart National Educators Conference, Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) Fellow, and an award-winning advocate for financial literacy. He also serves as a consultant for the 2021 Jumpstart National Educators Conference.



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