Navigate The Labyrinth of External Curriculum Resources with Timeri Tolnay

Timeri Tolnay - Former Educator, Edupreneur & CEO of EdCuration



In this episode of the Prep Period Podcast, special guest and edu-preneur Timeri Tolnay shares how her personal struggle to find the best resources for her students lead her to create EdCuration.

Listen now to learn more about Timeri’s inspiring journey. She matches educators with the right curriculum resources to help students succeed, and save educators time and frustration in the process.

Speaker: Timeri Tolnay - Former Educator, Edupreneur & CEO of EdCuration


As an educator, Timeri spent over 12 years serving in middle schools, high schools, and district administration. She became an “edupreneur” in 2008 to help start a curriculum and professional development company which she launched, grew, and exited from in 2014. In 2019 she launched EdCuration to bring a match-making marketplace to the education industry to help educators more easily identify the high-quality instructional resources that they need, and to get better learning materials into classrooms, faster.



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