How ELL Students Can Be a Major Benefit To Your Classes with Lauren Bartholomae

Lauren Bartholomae - STEM/ STEAM Specialized Educator



In this episode of the Prep Period Podcast, Lauren Bartholomae discusses how you can identify and utilize the strengths of ELL (English Language Learner) students to enhance the environment in your classroom.

Instead of being intimidated by or unsure of how to approach teaching your ELL student(s), Lauren goes over how you can use your classroom environment to celebrate the differences between your students and their backgrounds.

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Speaker: Lauren Bartholomae - STEM/ STEAM Specialized Educator


Lauren Bartholomae is an educator specializing in using STEM/STEAM initiatives to transcend English language learning boundaries in the secondary classroom. Her work focuses on immigrant and refugee newcomers​ and their cross-curricular experiences in U.S. classrooms. Lauren earned her M.Ed. from Lehigh University and is pursuing her Ed.D.​ at the Vanderbilt University Peabody School of Education.


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