From 0 to 200 Students and Teacher of the Year in 2 Years with Pamela Burleson

Pamela Burleson - Financial Math Teacher



In this episode of the Prep Period Podcast, Pamela Burleson shares how she went from 0 to 200 students and teacher of the year in 2 years. Listen as Pamela lays out her tried-and-true blueprint to help you build a program that’ll allow you to teach more of what you want to teach and help your students learn what they want to learn.
Her 5 key steps include:

  1. Know your state requirements
  2. To get support (and approval), work your way up the ladder
  3. Once approved, try to get your counselors on your side, ease their concerns
  4. Talk directly with students in the feeder class(es)
  5. Make the first year FUN!!!!

Speaker: Pamela Burleson - Financial Math Teacher


Having previously been a Geophysicist in the oil industry, Pamela Burleson has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Texas A&M and has presented at the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching and been featured by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Pamela has also been named as the 2020-2021 Forney High School Teacher of the Year. She currently teaches Financial Math at Forney High School and Developmental Math online for Lone Star College in Texas.


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