Our Story Begins.

In 2007, a BYU-Idaho student wanted to learn internet marketing. There was one class available to him—a course that offered one credit, lasted one month, and focused on how to use Google ads.

The student, Stuart Draper, didn’t let a lack of coursework deter him from his goal. He bought books, attended seminars, and learned the skills he needed by way of independent study—and he did that while continuing to pursue and complete a bachelor’s degree in traditional marketing.


From university classroom to hands-on marketing

dark-gffAfter graduation, Stu put his education to work by helping his brother-in-law achieve record-breaking profits at a new dental practice in Oregon. Stu then used that experience to help other dentists, then he helped lawyers, then corporations, and before long, Stu’s new company—Get Found First—gained status as both a Google Partner and a BingAds Accredited Professional Company. And because experienced internet marketers were scarce, Stu hired and trained his own staff. Many BYU students got their start in business from Stu’s internship program. Get Found First quickly became the most sought-after SEO and Internet Marketing agency in the region.

From marketplace back to the university

Having watched Stu prove his marketing abilities, Professor Kent Lundin asked him to come back to campus to teach. At first, Stu—now an adjunct professor of internet marketing—was surprised to find his alma mater was still teaching a lot of the same material that had been taught while he was a student. The fast paced internet marketing space had changed a lot during that period of time. He called other colleges to see which texts and study materials they were using but soon found himself quite dumbfounded: compared to other universities (in all areas of the USA), BYU was actually a pioneer and a leader. Even today, many colleges do not offer internet marketing at all! As Stu spoke with Kent Lundin about the situation, the idea that later blossomed into StuKent first took hold. Internet marketing textbooks consisted primarily of links to blog posts. The books were poorly written, and the material tended to address those who were already working as internet marketers. Stu saw that none of the available curriculum really spoke to the needs of students OR to the needs of professors. Something had to change.

Stu knew there must be a better way

With his newly-found awareness, a successful background in helping companies succeed online, considerable experience helping interns learn the business, and his trademark “git ‘er done” approach, Stu first convinced Kent, then a select group of investors, to join him in developing an academic platform whereby college professors everywhere would have access to a reasonably-priced, highly-effective, web-based internet marketing course. The goal was to design a program that both students and teachers would love … a turn-key approach that would make sense, produce stellar results, and be able to grow along with the needs of the professor and the department. After all, if you’re going to keep up with the ever-changing needs and best practices of internet marketing, you had better be flexible.

How not to design an online internet marketing course

Are there other options available? You bet. Anywhere there is money to be made, there are going to be competitors. Here is why StuKent is the wisest and most effective choice:

  1. Others seek to replace the professor. We seek to augment the professor’s role.
  2. Others are built to their own timeline. Ours is based on a semester system. We don’t expect you to carve up a course designed for the office into chunks that make sense in a classroom.

Others cater to professionals, so they charge corporate prices. We cater solely to classroom teachers, and our prices are designed to fit school and student budget limitations. You don’t want your class to be passable. You want it to be exceptional. So do we. Our goal is to help professors help students learn the skills they need to hit the real world running and make their mark. Our online simulations enable your classes to practice the skills necessary to do just that. We enable your students to attend virtual lectures, see presentations, and hear conference speakers for free that events attendees have invested thousands of dollars to hear speak. Let us show you the future of internet marketing education. Because we offer the world’s first internet marketing simulation, demo spots tend to fill up quickly, so act fast to confirm the time slot that best suits your schedule. At Stukent, we are at your side in the classroom. We are your unseen partner in success. There is no obligation, no high-pressure sales staff, and no reason not to give your students the best internet marketing education available anywhere.