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The Power of Mimic Simulations

Turn theory into skills

Real-world Job Assignments

Students perform real-world job assignments and are held accountable based on KPIs.

Intuitive Design

Modern UI/UX design makes it easy to navigate simulations, while also mimicking platforms students will use in their jobs.

Personalized Feedback

Students receive personalized feedback based on the decisions they make each round.

Automated Grading

Every round is auto-graded, saving you hours of prep time.

Cutting-edge Machine Learning

Industry-leading algorithms provide students with true-to-life metrics based on their decisions.

Interactive Knowledge Checks

Realistic work scenarios act as checkpoints to keep students engaged and allow for increased theory application and deeper learning.

Easy To Implement

The Mimic Simulation Platform is designed with ease of installation and use in mind. All Mimic Simulations have access to Stukent’s Support Team to assist with any technical issues you or your students have.

“My students had a pretty easy time navigating it and I am looking forward to other types of simulation course.”
Bill H. – Judson University

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