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The Mimic Simulation Platform is unlike any other corporate training on the market. This unique approach gives users experience with managing real-world job assignments, budgets, timelines, and more in a safe, simulated environment.

Stukent’s simulations are designed in collaboration with industry experts and top academics. These engaging, easy-to-implement solutions are powerful tools for any training environment.

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Stukent Learning & Development simulations and trainings offer flexible, hybrid training designed to improve your employee training offerings from onboarding to upskilling.

Our courseware is used by some of the largest global brands on the planet. ​

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Mimic Pro

Digital Marketing Simulation

Real-world Experience.

Mimic Pro is a digital marketing simulation designed for the doers.
Search, display, and shopping ad creation and optimization are essential components of digital marketing, but it’s challenging to give students hands-on experience with managing ads. Mimic Pro gives students the opportunity to manage over $125,000 in ad budget across search, display, and shopping ad campaigns. They will also learn about landing page optimization, audience targeting, and KPI analysis.

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Training Cohort Examples


Simulate fundamental business functions with ease! Stukent's business training solutions include subjects like human resources, supply chain, sales, finance, analytics, and more.

Subjects & Simulations

Intro to Business
Business Analytics
Business Research
Business Writing

Digital Marketing

It's essential to understand how to integrate multiple digital marketing tools into a seamless campaign. Keep your skills current with today's industry, easily and efficiently!

Subjects & Simulations

Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Digital Marketing Analytics


Take a fresh approach to time-tested marketing tools! From marketing principles to consumer behavior, research, and more, you can keep your skills on the industry's cutting edge. 

Subjects & Simulations

Marketing Principles
Consumer Behavior
Market Research
Integrated Marketing Communications
Services Marketing

Professional Sales

Learning to be a great salesperson isn't just for sales professionals! Practice key sales techniques such as CRM analysis, customer interactions, product demonstrations, and more.

Subjects & Simulations

Professional Selling

Marketing Analytics

Train your team to make powerful, data-driven decisions! With Stukent's solutions, you can tackle raw data, mdata technologies, A/B testing, and market segmentation! 

Subjects & Simulations

Marketing Analytics
Digital Marketing Analytics
Business Analytics

Social Media Marketing

Get connected to the marketing side of social media! Stukent's social media solutions train teams to manage ad budgets, targets, brand guides, and more.

Subjects & Simulations

Social Media Marketing
Personal Branding

PR & Communications

Public relations can make or break a brand. Boost your team's personal branding, public relations, crisis communications, and advertising skills with Stukent's training solutions!

Subjects & Simulations

Public Relations
Personal Branding
Crisis Communications


Good communication is key in any industry but can be underrepresented in business training. Hone your team's written, verbal, nonverbal communication skills with Stukent.

Subjects & Simulations

Public Relations
Crisis Communications
Business Communications

Sports Marketing & NIL

Learn, implement, and optimize marketing within the sports landscape! Topics include sports research, endorsements, products, and name, image, and likeness (NIL) training for athletes.

Subjects & Simulations

Sports Marketing
Name, Image & Likeness

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Discover the Simulations

Mimic Pro

Users will work with Search, Display, and Shopping Ads to exercise the following skills:

  • Writing targeted paid ads
  • Strategic keyword research
  • Effectively allocating budget 
  • Analyze ad performance and vanity metrics
  • Perform testing to identify the best approach
  • Conduct landing page optimization




Mimic Social

Throughout the simulation, users will create targeted social media ads and excercise the following skills:

  • Preforming demographic targeting
  • Utilization of promotional strategies
  • Measure key performance indicators
  • Manage budgets
  • Scheduling social media content
  • Social listening
  • Post optimization using ad objectives




Mimic Email Marketing

Users work concerns creating and optimizing four email sequences to generate conversions and exercise the following skills:

  • Choose effective marketing emails
  • Schedule and organize emails in sequence
  • Select triggers to determine what initiates sequences
  • Set if/then branches to indicate when recipients will be removed
  • Optimize sequences based on key metrics
  • Respond effectively to email marketing related questions