What Teachers and Students Are Saying…

Pam Kantack – Shelley High School, Idaho

Steve Smith – Eastern Alamance High School


Stukent’s Mimic Social provided my Social Media for the Business World classes the hands-on learning experience that I was unable to provide through other lessons and activities. You could see the light go on as they started watching their results come in and then began to analyze them. Through the combination of the articles, and simulation and analysis rounds, Mimic Social took the concepts and ideas students were learning, pulled them together, and brought them to a higher level of learning. When asked at the end of the year to identify the lessons they liked the best, and the ones that helped them grasp the concepts and ideas most effectively, they unanimously said the Stukent simulation.Lori Narewski, Tri-County Regional Vocational Tech High School, Massachusetts

I was very impressed with Stukent in so many way including how easy it was to get help from your support team. My DECA leaders felt that they were getting some real hands-on learning and found this to be very real world experience.Gabriel Silva, East Career & Technical Academy, Las Vegas Nevada

My students have really enjoyed the simulation so far. It has prompted a number of robust discussions and social media is something that is really relevant to them. They don’t even realize it, but they’re the first generation that has grown up with social media since birth. Tomorrow is our full day with the simulation and the students are excited. Although, it doesn’t hurt that I put up a lunch incentive for those who rank first in each of my classes. We also have members from our school board visiting my classroom tomorrow, so I will have a chance to share with them as well.Francisco Ortiz, Bradshaw Mountain High School, Prescott Valley Arizona

In an online learning environment I don’t want to have to assign my students tons of reading and busy work, that’s not the purpose of an online classroom. We want to provide a self taught atmosphere but with lots of engagement.  I like all of the resources available and I love how engaging Mimic Social is.Michelle Hoff, Missouri River Area Career & Technical Center


I thoroughly enjoyed using Mimic Social. The program was easy to understand and enjoyable to work with. The content associated with the challenge was realistic, and I enjoyed getting to use such a helpful simulation. I think the most valuable thing I learned from this challenge was when and how to successfully post social media content. I am not exactly ‘social-media savvy,’ so it was helpful to immediately see the results of my posts.Zachary Lewandowski – Springdale Har-Ber High School

When I started Mimic Social, I looked at it as another school project, but when I started experimenting I actually had fun learning and competing with others. I believe the simulation is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn social media marketing. If you want to learn social media marketing, first try in simulation rather than losing thousands of dollar for poor marketing skills.Ermuunzaya Battsengel – Graham Kapowsin High School

My overall experience using Mimic Social was that it was a new learning experience for me. I haven’t done anything like it and think its a new, innovative program that will help many people in the future. I think the simulation would benefit newcomers to the marketing field and help companies find out what will sell and what will flop.Jack Pullin – Dartmouth High School