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When it comes to school work, do you ask yourself, “When am I ever going to use this?” With Stukent, the answer is, “Now.” You get lots of hands-on activities to try out and can put your social media marketing skills to the test with the online simulation Mimic Social.

Our digital textbook gives ideas and instruction on promoting products and connecting with customers through social media.

Expert Sessions

Hear what professionals have to say: our videos with industry experts share inside information on a range of best practices for successful marketing. Learn from expert perspective, see what new companies are doing cool work, and get ideas about different types of marketing jobs.

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You are part of the growing group of high school students using Stukent courseware. We have already worked successfully with college and university students—over 100,000 and counting—around the world.

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It is great to have you on board with Stukent. As you go forward with your class, take some time to share your exciting news: let social media know about your Mimic Social success, your powerful project, or the job you land thanks to the social media skills you gained in class.

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Simternship = Simulated Internship

We’re excited you’re here! Stukent has helped over 800K students accross 6,500+ institutions gain real-world experience to be successful on today’s workforce. 

Engaging courseware and top of the line simulated internships have helped students accross the globe put theory into practice. 

Expert Sessions

One of our biggest goals here at Stukent is to provide courseware that best helps prepare students for the job market. What better way to do this than learning from the already proven experts in the industry? You’ll get to hear speakers from companies like Bing, Columbia Sportswear, AirBnB, Wistia, IBM, and more!

Industry practitioners pay thousands of dollars to go learn from these experts at conferences all over the world. You get to learn from them for free.


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Show off what you’ve learned with Stukent Certifications. Once you play through your courses Simternship, you can flaunt your skills on social media, resume, or in a job interview.