World of Retail: Marketing and Distribution

Heath Houston - Founder of two Consumer Product Companies



We’ve all walked through stores and have been bombarded with signs and banners highlighting a sale, a special deal, or even just a brand itself. In this Expert Session, Houston goes over the ins and outs of what makes good retail marketing and what doesn’t cut it. You’ll learn the different retail marketing techniques used by stores and how brands leverage space within a store.

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Speaker: Heath Houston - Founder of two Consumer Product Companies


Heath Houston has over 20 years conducting business across the earth for globally recognized brands such as Nike, Fossil, Seiko, and Disney. He has founded two consumer product companies in the United States, and most recently left the entrepreneurial world to join a growing luxury home furnishings company called Arteriors to head up their international sales department.

During his career, Houston has spent most of his time building partnerships with retailers around the globe. Houston has spent a good amount of time developing retail marketing tools to help his brand’s equity and revenue grow.