The Marketers guide to creating Pinterest Content That Works

Anastasia Gutnikova



In this video, Pinterest Marketer and Blog Educator, Anastasia Gutnikova talks about how to best use design to get better results from Pinterest. From font choice to aspect ratio, Gutnikova helps students know how to design pins worth clicks and saves.

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Speaker: Anastasia Gutnikova


Anastasia is a Pinterest Marketing Expert, the author of Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets, and a blogging educator at

Anastasia started blogging in 2017 and in two years she is driving over 250,000 page views a month of free Pinterest traffic to her website. She monetizes Pinterest traffic with ads, uses affiliates to earn income, and sells her own digital products.

Currently, Anastasia is running three blogs to test her Pinterest strategy in different niches, she helps her clients as a Pinterest marketing consultant and leads hundreds of students to online success with her courses.


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