How to Use Search Intent to Get Results from SEO

What you will learn:

  • The three stages of the purchase funnel and how to write content for each stage
  • How to find a balance between traffic volume and traffic quality
  • How to use search intent to write content that gets customers
  • How to find quality keywords for your niche

Mitch Causey presentation on Search Intent

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Not all searchers are created equal. It is easy to get distracted by the number of people you are bringing to your website, but what really matters is the number of buyers you are bringing to your site.

This is the difference between lots of traffic and lots of sales!

In this expert session, Mitch Causey shows us how to sort website visitors by how close they are to buying. He’ll show you the strategies you can use to get the right people clicking on your website.

When you know how to create content based on your visitors’ search intent, you’ll be able to retain them in one part of the funnel and move them down to the next level when they are ready.

After you master the strategy that Mitch presents, you’ll go from getting a few visitors and even fewer sales to getting thousands of qualified visitors and turning them into paying customers.



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Speaker:  Mitch Causey

Bio: Mitch has worked in SEO strategy for seven years. He has led teams of SEO experts and helped a variety of small and large businesses to grow their online sales, including many Fortune 100 Companies.

Topic: Search Intent

Summary: You will learn to use search intent to focus on SEO strategies that lead to actual revenue, not just views.

Duration: 37 mins


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