Social Media Optimization 

What you will learn:

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for yourself, or a company.
  • How to optimize Twitter profile.
  • How to better build your brand and improve your online reputation.
  • The Social Media and Social Selling Process.
  • Plus countless tips and tricks to make sure you are being found on social media!

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Tips On Optimizing Your Personal LinkedIn Profile:

  • Have your name be consistent on all social media sights.
  • Have an up-to-date professional photo.
  • Have your headline full of keywords, so you are more likely to be found when people are searching.
  • Have your location, industry and the company you are working for listed or tagged.
  • Have your contact information filled out, and up to date.
    •  Hint: The more filled out the easier you can be found. For best results include a number, work address, company website, personal website, and Twitter account.
  • Have your name be in your LinkedIn URL.
  • Have quantitative information, and make it interesting. Include paragraphs about the company and what you do. Add photos and links to enrich your page. Try to be active and post weekly.
    • Hint: the more complete and attractive a profile, the more likely to be found and picked up by a recruiter.

Optimizing LinkedIn for a Company:

  • Use keywords that will bring traffic onto the page.
  • Have plenty of content and information that describes the company.
  • Have a call to action listed for the company.
  • Share content about the industry and company to stay active and up to date.
    • 80% of what you post should be industry related topics, and breaking news. 20% can be self promotional. Remember most people go to social media to stay up to date.

Twitter Optimization:

  • Make your Twitter handle consistent with your first and last name.
  • Make sure you include contact information, where you are located, and a link to your LinkedIn.
  • In your bio include the company you work for, position, and two or three hashtags that interest you.
  • Tweet on a daily basis.

Social Media and Social Selling Process:

  • Optimize- make sure your social media is being used to its full potential.
  • Research- identify what and who you want to associate with.
  • Engage- engage and interact with those you find interesting. Take the relationships offline, and enjoy a phone call or a meeting in person.
  • Commit- don’t be afraid to ask the contact to move forward.

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Resources and links mentioned in this Expert Session:

Speaker: Gabe Villamizar

Bio: Gabe Villamizar is the social media manager and social selling director at HireVue. He has over five years of experience within social selling and the social media marketing space.

Topic: Social Media Optimization

Summary: How to optimize LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.


Duration: 40 mins


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