Landing Pages: How to Generate Sales and Leads

Alex Oliveira - Founder of Prediq



In this Expert Session, Alex Oliveira from Prediq, describes how to optimize a landing page to generate sales AND leads. He also covers the four steps for creating a great landing page and shares examples of companies that have used landing pages to capture leads in their marketing funnel.

I just watched this Expert Session: Landing Pages: How to Generate Sales and Leads. Check it out here: @stukentapp @alexf_oliveira

Speaker: Alex Oliveira - Founder of Prediq


With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Alex Oliveira is a seasoned professional with a reputation for driving business growth through lead generation and search engine optimization. Alex holds important industry certifications from OMCP, Google, Facebook, and more. With a proven track record with small businesses and enterprise companies such as Home Depot, Autonation, MetLife, Ford and others, Alex’s expertise in the digital marketing industry has led to opportunities to write for Forbes Magazine, speak at more than 50 conferences and lead 150 workshops. Alex believes in lifelong learning and continues his own education daily, as well as sharing his knowledge as a guest lecturer at several universities. Alex has been a valued board member of several nonprofit organizations over the years and has worked with nearly 100 nonprofits in various roles. Alex has had the privilege to serve as a board of director of the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association and SEMPO, a global digital marketing association.

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