How to Use Google Search Console

What you will learn:

  • The purpose of Google Search Console
  • How to get your pages indexed by Google
  • How to find SEO errors in your pages so that you can correct them
  • How to manage links to your pages through Google Search Console
  • How to find which search queries your pages are ranking for

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In the world of search engine optimization, there are some tools that you just need to have. Google Analytics is one of them, but the most important is Google Search Console.

When you first install and log into Google Search Console, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and intimidated by all the dashboards and information available. Rather than going through and guessing what each of these dashboards and tools actually do, just sit back and let SEO-expert, Ryan Joos walk you through the whole platform.

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Speaker:  Ryan Joos

Bio: Ryan is an experienced strategist for Nifty Marketing where he works with companies to help them generate more traffic and leads through search engine optimization and paid advertising, especially for law firms and pest control companies.

Topic: How to Use Google Search Console

Summary: You will learn how to use Google Search Console to find opportunities to enhance the SEO on your site and rank it higher in the online search results.

Duration: 29 mins


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