How to Run a Successful Giveaway

Van Oakes - CMO of Diesel Power Gear



In this Expert Session, Van Oakes discusses his strategy for using Facebook ads and influencer marketing to run a highly profitable giveaway campaign. He dives into the types of ads he runs and explains how he maximizes influencer marketing. Oakes also explains the giveaway model he uses that allows him to gift $100,000+ trucks and still make a profit.

Speaker: Van Oakes - CMO of Diesel Power Gear


Van Oakes is the owner of the world’s greatest mustache and is a rockstar marketer. He is the owner of five businesses that earn up to eight figures a year, the owner of EGM Agency, a multi-brand owner, and the CMO for multiple companies. Van has his hand in pretty much every facet of e-commerce.
If you’ve ever watched the Discovery Channel, you’ve most likely seen his work. Van is the CMO of Diesel Power Gear, an online e-commerce store featured on the hit TV show “Diesel Brothers.”

Diesel Power Gear has built an eight-figure empire using social media influencers whose content is centered around diesel trucks.
Van was awarded Snapchat’s “Snap Star” award in 2019 for his work on the platform.


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