How to Prepare for a Career in Digital Marketing

Erik Harbison - Lead Instructor for GenM



In this video, GenM lead instructor, Erik Harbison, talks about how you can prepare now for your digital marketing career. He’ll walk you through the differences between a job and a career and how to set goals that will set you up for success. Harbison is an advocate for beginning your journey with the end in mind and will walk through the eight elements of establishing a career profile.

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Speaker: Erik Harbison - Lead Instructor for GenM


Erik Harbison is the lead instructor for GenM, an exclusive course designed to get early-stage marketers ready for their first marketing job and a successful career. He is also the former CMO at AWeber.Harbison has been coaching and mentoring marketers in leadership and contributor roles throughout his 25-year career, with positions at award-winning digital agencies, tech startups, and a B2B software company.He continues to be an active supporter of marketers at all levels. He is also an instructor for various digital marketing courses, including both in-class and online environments. He has hand-crafted curricula focused on developing a personal brand and hands-on learning of integrated digital marketing channels and disciplines.