How to Integrate Instagram Stories Into Your Marketing

Anna Semyanova



In this expert session, Anna Semyanova from Combin shares her top tips for using Instagram stories successfully for marketing. She covers how to create tutorials, leverage user-generated content, show behind-the-scenes content, and more.

I just watched this Expert Session: How to Integrate Instagram Stories Into Your Marketing. Check it out here: @stukentapp

Speaker: Anna Semyanova


Hi there! My name is Anna. I love everything connected to social media and Instagram marketing in particular; more than that, I love to share my knowledge with other people! That is why I work as a marketing manager and a webinar host for Combin. My webinars are a perfect chance to learn tips, hacks, and secrets to faster Instagram promotion with Combin. Having fresh, interesting ideas, interactive slides and a friendly atmosphere will help you get the most from each live workshop. Join us next time — see you live!


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