Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement

David L. Mason, Ph.D. - Director of Data Science for DecisionWise


Have you seen all the perks that Google offers its employees? Just to start, they offer free meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a huge gym, and they have several on-site trained massage therapists. You can even bring your pet to work if you wanted. However, you may be surprised that not all of their employees are truly engaged in their work like you think they would be with all those perks.

Although fun perks are great, they are not the primary drivers of lasting employee engagement. If perks don’t don’t spark lasting employee engagement, then what will? There are five keys to unlocking the power of employee engagement, but perks are not on that list. Don’t get us wrong, a fair compensation and some perks are fundamental to employee engagement, but they are not lasting drivers of employee engagement. Long lasting and true employee engagement can be unlocked with the five keys taught in this Expert Session.

You’ll want a pad of paper and a pen to take notes on all the different employee engagement ideas you will find as you watch this Expert Session.

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Speaker: David L. Mason, Ph.D. - Director of Data Science for DecisionWise


Dr. David L. Mason earned a graduate degree in Psychology from Brigham Young Universty and a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Columbia Universtiy Teachers College. He is a talented organizational development consultant and is currently the director of Data Science for DecisionWise. During his time at DecisionWise, he developed their employee engagement training, Engagement MAGIC, which you will learn about in this Expert Session.