5 Proven Chatbot Strategies for Marketers

What you will learn:

  • How to grow an audience of Facebook Messenger subscribers
  • Why a single chatbot subscriber can be 60 times as valuable as an email subscriber
  • How to replace website forms with a chatbot
  • Why send-to-Messenger ads can be more effective than other Facebook Ads
  • How to continually send content to your subscribers without paying Facebook every time

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In this expert session, Larry Kim shows you the chatbot strategies that marketers can use to grow their business, build an audience of Facebook Messenger subscribers and increase sales.

He shares the top 5 chatbot strategies that he recommends starting with in order to see a real impact on the business. These include using send-to-Messenger ads, implementing chatbots’ unique ability to present dynamic content, and segmenting your audience.

UPDATE: The discount code that Larry mentions in the video is no longer in effect.

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Speaker:  Larry Kim

Bio: Larry Kim is the founder and CEO of Mobile Monkey, a software that helps marketers grow their business using chatbots. Before founding Mobile Monkey, he founded a digital marketing software and services company called Wordstream, which he recently sold for $130 million.

Topic: Chatbot Strategies for Marketers

Summary: In this expert session, Larry shares his top 5 strategies for implementing chatbots in a company’s business and marketing operations to grow its audience and generate sales.

Duration: 34 mins


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