Change Your Culture to Change Your Results

What you will learn:

  • What a culture is an how it affects the company strategy
  • How to create a high functioning culture within a company
  • How to change and sustain a culture to see better results

Randy Pennington

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Watch the Expert Session:

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The leadership within a company will often take a step back and decide if the culture will sustain and enable the business to deliver the results needed in the future. Randy lays out the steps and process that is required to deliver better results from changing the culture within a company. The clear choices a company makes now must be aligned to drive action that will change the culture.


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Speaker:  Randy Pennington

Bio: Randy has spent more than twenty-five years in organizational culture and change. His clients include many of world’s best-managed companies, associations, government agencies, and universities. Additionally, Randy serves as an adjunct instructor in the Cox Business Leadership Center at Southern Methodist University.

Randy is author of three books: Make Change Work, named the 2013 best general business book by USA Book News; Results Rule!®, named the 2007 best general business book by USA Book News; and On My Honor, I Will which Ross Perot described as having “cracked the code of great leadership.”

Pennington’s ideas have been featured in leading visual and print media including CNN, PBS, Fox News, the ABC Radio Network, the BBC Fast Company, and The New York Times. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

Topic: How to change and redefine a culture within a company which leads to a change in results.

Associated Courseware: Business Organizations & Culture

Summary:  In this session, Randy discusses the process of seeing better results in an organization by changing the culture. The culture within any organization will affect the outcome and productivity of the organization. This expert session helps define culture and what it takes to see success from an effective culture.

Duration: 32 Minutes


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