Building an Employee Engagement Program

What you will learn:

  • How to design an employee engagement program that boosts productivity
  • 3 types of surveys to give employees in order to understand their struggles and motivations
  • How to collect actionable feedback from employees
  • The difference between active listening and passive listening
  • How to measure and use employee net-promoter score

Stephen Huerta, Workify CEO

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Employee engagement is one of those terms that everyone seems to struggle with. Everyone, from entry-level staff to upper management, knows that it is important, but almost no one knows what it is or how to improve it.

In this expert session, Stephen Huerta will explain how to measure employee engagement and how to use that data to improve it. Companies that understand how to do this will have a huge advantage over those who don’t. Higher levels of employee engagement lead to greater productivity and longevity among a company’s employees. This quickly translates into more profits for the company.

As a future manager or human resources professional, this kind of program could pay massive dividends in your career.


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Speaker:  Stephen Huerta

Bio: Stephen Huerta is the CEO of Workify, a feedback platform that enables companies to track employee engagement over time.  Stephen has almost two decades of experience in Human Resources and Technology, working as an executive for companies such as Goldman Sachs and many others.

Topic: Building an Employee Engagement Program

Summary: You will learn about how to build an employee engagement program, including how you can use one to boost employee productivity and increase retention.

Duration: 25 mins

Associated Courseware: Business Organizations and Culture


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