B2B Advertising Essentials

What you will learn:

  • The 4-tier approach to targeting customers on Linkedin
  • How to qualify your Linkedin leads so your sales team can focus on leads that become sales
  • The key advantages that Linkedin advertising has over advertising on other social media
  • The reason B2B marketing is a gold mine for savvy marketers
  • The new type of ad that lets you “own” your audience

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Have you ever started at a new job and worried you weren’t contributing?

Are you worried about this happening after you graduate?

Imagine your future boss congratulating you after you bring in thousands of dollars in revenue from Linkedin Ads.

Imagine all your colleagues coming to you and asking about the secret to your Midas touch.

Imagine leading the company to a brave new world of Linkedin advertising.

This might all seem pretty far-fetched but hear me out:                                                                                        Most fortune 500 companies are in the B2B space. One of the best platforms for B2B marketing is Linkedin and most marketers are pretty clueless about Linkedin Advertising.

Most marketers don’t take advantage of it at all, but you don’t have to be like most marketers. In half an hour with AJ, you’ll learn the strategies you can use to pull in six-figure clients with six dollar ads. The best part? You might be the only one at your company that knows this.


What are you waiting for? Watch the video! It might be the most valuable half-hour you spend in college!


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Resources and links mentioned in this Expert Session:

Speaker:  AJ Wilcox

Bio: AJ has ten years of PPC & SEO experience. Over the past 4 1/2 years, AJ has been hyper-focused on B2B advertising. This lead him to LinkedIn advertising where he fell in love, and eventually left his full-time job to become a consultant and run B2Linked.com

Topic: LinkedIn Advertising

Summary: Learn about the new features of LinkedIn advertising and how you can get super targeted with your advertising.

Duration: 34 mins


UPDATE: 7/24/17 – Linkedin now also supports video content in posts and sponsored updates.

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