7 Things To Do as an Entrepreneur in College

Stuart Draper - CEO & Founder of Stukent



In today’s session, we have none other than Stuart Draper, founder and CEO of Stukent.

During college, Draper learned all he could about digital marketing. He then went on to start a digital marketing agency called Get Found First, where he mentored and trained many young marketers and worked with several clients to meet their online marketing goals. Draper has taught as an adjunct professor and is an author of “Digital Marketing Essentials” — one of Stukent’s most used products. He also started Charity Fast, a non-profit organization that helps the less fortunate by advocating an idea: abstain from meals and donate the money that would have been spent on meals to the charity instead. Today, Draper continues to grow Stukent into new markets like personal finance and advertising.

Draper has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and we’re glad to have him share his seven things you should do as an entrepreneur in college.

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Speaker: Stuart Draper - CEO & Founder of Stukent


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