ePortfolios: Documenting and Sharing Real-life Experiences

Friday, April 28 | 11 a.m. EDT

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

Webinar: How AI, ChatGPT, and Modern Tech Have Disrupted the Landscape of Higher Education

Join us for a discussion and workshop on ePortfolios for students!
Expert educators Dr. Brenda Refaei and Dr. Ruth Benander will discuss the importance and pedagogical impact of ePortfolios in the classroom.

This workshop will cover:


An overview of how to create an ePortfolio


Tools students and instructors can use to build ePortfolios


Showcase of sample ePortfolios


Tips, tricks, and recommendations for implementation


Problems and solutions available

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

About the Speakers

Headshot: Brend Refaei

Brenda Refaei, Ed.D.

Dr. Refaei is codirector of the Learning + Teaching Center and a professor of English at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College where she teaches developmental, first, and intermediate English composition. Dr. Refaei is an Engaging in Excellence in Equity Fellow and the coauthor of "Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education: Strategies for Teaching."

Headshot: Ruth Benander

Ruth Benander, Ph.D.

Dr. Benander is a professor in the Department of English and Communication, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College. She teaches composition at UC Blue Ash College and is the general editor of the Journal for Research and Practice in College Teaching. Dr. Benander also currently serves in the Learning and Teaching Center as an instructional designer.

Event Agenda & Takeaways

A brief introduction to ePortfolios in education

What are the three types of ePortfolios?

  • Final projects 
  • Learning portfolios
  • Assessment portfolios

How and where ePortfolios are built

  • Evolution to online portfolios
  • Learning Management System ePortfolio builders
  • ePortfolio building sites
  • Websites for hosting ePortfolio pages

Sample student ePortfolios

  • Student examples from a variety of programs

Implementing ePortfolios into your class

  • Begin early
  • Guide students
  • Sell them on the value

Problems and solutions available

  • Job applications
  • Grading
  • Privacy
  • Ownership
  • Time

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