Earn An All-expenses Paid Trip To Hawaii On Stukent!



$5 Gift card – Send an email introducing a credit union to Stukent

$50 Gift card – If the credit union takes a call with Stukent

All-expenses* Paid Trip for two to Hawaii –  If the credit union agrees to sponsor the high schools in your entire state**


Step 1: Enter your first name and school email address

Connect with Credit Unions

Dear Teacher,

As you look for ways to improve student learning, Stukent looks for ways to support teachers’ efforts by providing access to relevant, updated courseware.

Recently, Idaho Central Credit Union donated $2.8 million to provide a $10,000 grant for each high school in Idaho to receive Stukent’s Mimic Personal Finance simulation and curriculum FREE for five years. We believe that there are more credit unions open to giving in similar ways.

A challenge to getting such learning materials into classrooms, however, is the reality of already strained school budgets. How can teachers secure funding for access to financial literacy courseware that can really impact students?

The answer may actually be in your own community. Credit unions, recognized for sponsorships and community involvement, can be effective partners in providing grant money to cover courseware costs.

Stukent is positioned to work with credit unions in establishing sponsorships that will provide financial literacy courseware FREE to schools — including yours and others in your state.

You can help in this effort. Please introduce credit unions in your area to Stukent and to the idea of sponsoring financial literacy courseware for schools. Stukent will work with interested credit unions to secure funding that will bring real-world and hands-on financial literacy courseware to the sponsored schools.

Stukent welcomes your support in connecting credit unions and schools in ongoing efforts to build the financial literacy of students. Thank you for all of your work in the important field of education.

Stu Draper
Founder, CEO

*All-expenses up to $3000 per person.
** Credit Union must sponsor a minimum of 100 schools or an entire state.