Call for Articles

Stukent is always looking for ways to fulfill its mission—to help educators help students help the world. Educators can guest-author articles on the Stukent blog and, in turn, grow their personal brands.

Why Write for Stukent?

Being a guest blog author for Stukent will help grow your personal brand.

Your article will be published on the Stukent blog and will be promoted to thousands of professors in the business and marketing industry via social media and email. The blog post will include author recognition with links to any websites or social media profiles of your choice.

Any article topic that would be beneficial to educators is acceptable. Here are some examples of topics we are looking for:

  • 3 final projects to incorporate with the Mimic ___ Simulation
  • 5 tools/tips for teaching keywords and backlinking
  • The future of digital marketing education (or social media marketing, consumer behavior, etc.)
  • How to get your students engaged in the Mimic ___ Simulation
  • 7 ways to convince your school district/department chair it needs a digital marketing course
  • 11 tips for boosting student engagement in your classroom
  • How to navigate current/social/etc. issues with social media in your course
  • How to teach your students to use TikTok (or other platforms) for Marketing
  • How to teach your students to use LinkedIn to land a job interview
  • The comprehensive guide to creating a course that’s worthy of a waitlist
  • 7 ways to load up your students’ resumes with sought-after experience

If you would like to submit an article that you’ve already written, feel free to upload the draft in addition to filling out the form.

Please note: We will not accept articles promoting a specific company, product, or service.

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