Welcome to Man vs Machine, powered by Stukent, at the 2024 National Collegiate Digital Marketing Championship. Man vs Machine will consist of a single-round simulation where you will demonstrate your mastery of search ad strategy.

The practice simulation below will help you prepare. All three rounds will simulate a real-world search ad platform, where you will be able to make key decisions to optimize your search ads.

How to Access the Practice Simulation

To access the simulation: Click the button below. You will need to create your own Stukent account if you do not already have one.

Then you will log in, navigate the course management to your courses, and enter the simulation to practice.

For grading: to get full points, you’ll need to get 1,000 or more clicks for round 1, 2,100 or more for round 2, and 3,500 or more for round 3.