1 Million Students Strong: Stukent Scholarship

This scholarship has ended - The winner is Colby Bermel

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Share Your Experience Using Stukent

Stukent is proud to play a role in bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world application through our cutting-edge Simternships™ and innovative courseware. As we celebrate reaching one million students, we are eager to hear your unique story. Share your experience in a video or essay for a chance to win a $1000 scholarship! 

Eligibility for this competition requires current enrollment in a college or university, active participation in courses for the 2024 academic year, and prior use of Stukent’s courseware and simulations (including Mimic products) as part of your educational experience.

How to Enter:

Essay Submission

Write an essay of at least 500 words, sharing your experience using Stukent's Simternships™ and courseware. Detail how these tools have impacted your skill set and boosted your confidence.

Video Submission

Create a compelling 3-5 minute video where you share how Stukent's Simternships™ and courseware have impacted your educational journey. Detail how these tools have shaped your skill set and boosted your confidence.

Consider Exploring These Questions In Your Submission:

  1. How has using Stukent contributed to your understanding of real-world practices?
  2. In your Stukent simulation or courseware, you probably worked on various projects. Share an example of a project or task that challenged you the most. How did you overcome the challenge, and what did you learn from it?
  3. Discuss the impact of your Stukent experience on your academic and career goals. How has this experience influenced your future aspirations in the field?
  4. In today’s competitive job market, relevant experience is crucial. How has your experience with Stukent simulations or courseware improved your confidence in your skill set?
  5. Stukent simulations and courseware are designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical experience. How has your Stukent experience helped you apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, and what advice would you give to other students considering similar opportunities?

One $1000 scholarship will be awarded.
Deadline is February 2, 2024 | Winner Will Be Announced March 1, 2024


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