Off-Site SEO: Leveraging Content Marketing for Link Building

Ivey O'Neal - Outreach Manager



Ivey O’Neal, a content marketing and link building strategist at Red Ventures, goes over how to build content strategies for brands. She discusses the benefits of content marketing, types of shareable content, characteristics of unique content, and tips for sharing content.

Speaker: Ivey O'Neal - Outreach Manager


Ivey has been a content marketing and link building strategist at Red Ventures for the past four years. During her time at Red Ventures, she has worked on more than 15 websites in a multitude of different verticals including personal finance, education, health, home services, and more. Since taking on this role, she has helped develop content marketing strategies for brand new sites from the ground up in addition to shaping the link building strategies for older and more established sites. She is dedicated to making sure each site she works on has a solid content marketing strategy and has the ability to earn high quality backlinks through social and email marketing tactics.


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