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  • 12 chapters
  • 6 case studies
  • 12 auto-graded quizzes
  • 126 essay questions
  • 12 lesson plans
  • 24 lecture slide sets
  • 10 Expert Sessions
  • Plus, over 100 additional resources


  • Describe established and modern business models
  • Redefine success and failure
  • Develop resilience
  • Demonstrate communication skills
  • Interpret the value of people
  • Define operations management and its roles
  • Identify the components of a supply chain
  • Articulate value propositions
  • Define the elements of a marketing strategy
  • Assess the impact of content and digital platforms
  • Define accounting and its benefits
  • Differentiate between debt and equity financing
  • Describe different styles of leadership and decision-making

Download your FREE syllabus with the button below.


  • 10 chapters
  • 10 assignments
  • 10 auto-graded quizzes
  • 10 lesson plans
  • 20 lecture slide sets
  • 126 Essay Questions
  • Flipped classroom lesson plans
  • “Creating Your Business” class project
  • Expert Sessions
  • Cumulative glossary for student reference
  • Sample syllabus, course outline, and calendar


  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Explore how emotional intelligence impacts entrepreneurs
  • Apply different models to build a business
  • Understand primary and secondary target markets
  • Explore how market research impacts business decisions
  • Identify essential components of a brand
  • Articulate a brand story and unique value propositions
  • Manage business finances
  • Apply billing and funding in a business venture
  • Identify how to expand service or product offerings

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Train the next generation of industry professionals, thought leaders, and innovators with Stukent’s courseware.

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