Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Introduction to Business?

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Ask Your Instructor about the Intro to Business Bundle

Learn the basics of business theory and application with the Intro to Business Bundle. Say goodbye to reading complex, abstract concepts for hours on end! The bundle includes “Introduction to Business: Best Practices & Emerging Trends”, a courseware written by award-winning authors, Laura Muñoz, Ph.D. and Rich Miller, DBA, who focus on providing relevant industry knowledge you can apply from day one.

This powerful courseware is paired with Stukent’s Intro to Business Simternship™, which packs months of role-specific training into a single semester. You will step into real-world positions, gain valuable experience, master marketable skills, and yes, even make mistakes in a low-risk environment.

The Intro to Business Bundle will give you the powerful, resume-worthy experience you need to be successful in today’s job market.