Mimic Sports Marketing

Master Your Sports Marketing Game

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Introducing a Revolutionary Sports Marketing Simulation

Mimic Sports Marketing

Students will receive hands-on educational experiences with important elements of Sports Marketing in a fictitious scenario in which they take on the role of marketing manager at Ares, a fictional shoe manufacturer. 

Student work concerns setting up and managing the service and minimizing gaps between customer expectations and perceptions.

Learning Objectives

Round by Round

Round 1

Evaluate Current Product Line

Round 2

Relaunch Product

Round 3

Analysis of Relaunch and Adjustments

Round 4

Analysis of Relaunch and Adjustments

Round 5

New Product Creation and Decisions

Round 6

New Product Work

Round 7

Crisis Management

Round 8

Crisis Management (cont.)

Round 9

Optimize and Contract Management

Round 10

Review and Optimize

Round 11

Review and Optimize

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