Remarkable You: Re-Boot, Re-Align, and Re-Imagine Your Career

What you will learn:

  • How to leverage social media to benefit your personal brand
  • How to improve activity on social media, especially blogs
  • How to better connect in real life with social media and technology
  • The importance of blogging and documenting what you are learning
  • Tips on how to increase your likelihood of being hired

Watch the Expert Session:

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Advice from Chris:

Get ahead of your competition and build a blog! Talk about your passion, and be compelling. The more you know about a topic, the more people trust you with their expertise. Your blog builds your brand over the years as you write.

Leverage social media and technology to build your personal brand and connect in real life.  Action is real and powerful and separates you from others.

Network with others! Write positively when you right. Praising people will allow them to reference your blog and lead to more views. Recommend others, share what they are doing, and comment on others posts.


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Useful Apps Mentioned:

Audiblelisten to books, especially one’s professionals you work with also read. It gets you into conversation and vernacular with people so you can be well rehearsed in the industry and seem knowledgeable.

Sidekick: shows who opens emails so we can see viewership and who clicks on links just to keep tabs on people

Co-Schedule: allows for multiple social media platforms to be scheduled together.

Hemingwaygrades content to see how writing is doing and will help you become a better writer.

Sumo-Me: arrogating emails and helps with remarking

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Speaker: Chris Dessi

Bio: Chris Dessi is the founder and CEO of Silverback Social. He is an award winning digital thinker, author, TV and radio commentator as well as a public speaker and educator.

Topic: Social Media Marketing, Branding

Summary: How to leverage yourself on social media to benefit your personal brand and build career opportunities. So get ready to Re-boot, Re-align, and Re-imagine you and your future career!


Duration: 38 mins

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