Media Planning with Commspoint

What you will learn:

  • How to find the best channels for advertising for a particular business
  • How to balance advertising cost with advertising effectiveness
  • How to select advertising for a niche market
  • Why television ads are still an effective advertising option for many businesses

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There are literally hundreds of advertising options for marketers in today’s day and age. How do you know which one is the best for your company? Should you pour all your advertising dollars into one type of media or should you mix it up?

Tim Foley answers all that and more in this Expert Session.

He and his company have developed a tool called Commspoint Influence that helps advertisers map out a plan for how to advertise their product. Tim will show you how to use this tool to dig into consumer behavior and discover what kind of advertising will turn your consumers into customers.

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Speaker:  Tim Foley

Bio: Tim is a managing director for Pointlogic UK, in charge of strategy tools such as Commspoint Influence. Tim is involved in the development of custom planning tools and adapting them to the unique needs of their clients.

Topic: Media Planning Tools – Commspoint Influence

Summary: You will learn how to use the Commspoint Influence tool to assist you in media buying decisions.

Duration: 26 mins


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