Business Organizations and Culture

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Why Business Organizations and Culture?

Courses that include organizational behavior, leadership and management, human resources, business organization, organizational design, or related subjects can utilize this textbook. The courseware includes 24 case studies that show students how to solve problems in their organization using real-world examples. The gathering, evaluating, and use of case studies, projects, models, and applicable literature references has been a continual pursuit.

This text combines critical information from organizations, human capital, leadership, management, culture and strategic submission. Its 13 chapters incorporate real-world characteristics and proven methodology, and can be used as an operational manual for business organizations.


Fenton Broadhead

Fenton Broadhead graduated from Brigham Young University with a major in Economics. He received a Masters in Educational Administration with a focus in finance from Brigham Young University followed by an Educational Doctorate in Educational Leadership and a cognate in Economics from the University of Idaho. His educational experience has included: professor of economics, dean of the College of Business and Communication and Academic Vice President at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

Broadhead’s background and experiences include the following: business owner and operator, consultant, high school and college coach along with serving on advising boards in the technology, entrepreneurial and university fields. His consulting and research work have included Brazil, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe. He is fluent in Portuguese. He has been a continual recipient of distinguished faculty and community service awards. His research and teaching background has focused on the following areas: Human Capital, International Economics, Economic Development, Educational Strategy, Leadership Management, Culture, and Productivity. He has published and presented in the above-mentioned areas. His extensive work over the last number of years has been in educational strategy and leadership strategy.


Chapter 1 – Organizations

Chapter 2 – Human Capital

Chapter 3 – Introduction to Leadership

Chapter 4 – Management

Chapter 5 – Human Resources Management

Chapter 6 – Establishing Vision and Clear Expectations

Chapter 7 – Alignment of Resources

Chapter 8 – Investment and Development

Chapter 9 – Empowerment and Trust

Chapter 10 – Collaboration and Communication

Chapter 11 – Accountability and Follow-Up

Chapter 12 – Appreciation and Recognition

Chapter 13 – Strategy

ISBN: 978-0-9987138-7-8 

Business Organizations and Culture Textbook Image