Top 3 Trends to Cover in Your 2021 Social Media Course

Social media is an ever-changing landscape that can be hard to keep up with, especially when preparing your social media marketing course. New social media trends crop up every few months or so, and you can be sure your students are keeping up. If you need help staying up to date or you’re just looking for easy-to-use resources for your social media marketing course, then look no further. Here are the top three social media trends to cover in your 2021 course with accompanying class activities and assignment ideas.


TIKTOK: By now you’ve heard of the China-based video content app and the success it’s had in the last three years since its initial launch. TikTok is unlike any other video-sharing platform: videos are 60 seconds or shorter, there are many editing features available in the app, Gen Z makes up the majority of its users, and its parent company is branching out into the music streaming industry

Screenshot of Chipotle hashtag on social media TikTok with a grid of top trending videos.

Marketers can tap into the unique TikTok market in a variety of ways by creating challenges and other social media trends and using celebrities or other influencers to reach certain audiences. Companies such as Chipotle and Fenty Beauty have been among the most successful to break into this platform.

PERSONALIZED VIDEO MARKETING: Vidyard defines personalized video marketing as, “video that has been customized to each individual viewer. This is achieved by inserting personal elements such as the viewer’s name, email, job title, profile image, company name, logo, etc. directly into the video.” This is easily achieved — there’s no need to make individual videos for each recipient. Instead, use a video personalization platform (such as and, which will allow you to repurpose the same video.

Repurposing video for different audiences or different individuals will allow your company to leverage personalized videos and garner higher email open rates and higher click-through rates. It will increase engagement and build a relationship with customers. It’s becoming harder and harder to break through the noise of social media and social media trends, but this is one easy way to make direct contact with potential and current customers.


HIDING LIKES: There have been theories swirling for years surrounding post engagement, influencers, and archived posts. “Facebook’s growth and data science teams developed a hypothesis that getting rid of likes would make users feel less self-conscious when their posts don’t receive much engagement, spurring them to post more,” according to Salvador Rodriguez of CNBC. Therefore, less pressure = more posting.

Social media Instagram screenshot of influencer Aspyn Ovard wearing a long yellow dress holding her baby in front of a bush. Aspyn is looking at her baby with a smile and the baby has an arm raised. The caption of the photo says "Someone did not enjoy Father's Day pics!! So grateful for this baby girl and her daddy." The photo has been liked by cozyearthbedding and others.

Instagram is slowly beta testing this hypothesis, but remaining cautious since hidden likes may cause more harm than good to influencers’ profiles. This is because influencers and other Instagram celebrities benefit from “like momentum” referring to other users liking a post simply because they saw another friend already liked that post. Instagram remains confident it will retain its influencer users because they have few other platforms to retreat to, despite influencers becoming such a movement in social media trends in recent years.

GROWING POPULARITY OF STORIES: As of the end of 2019, 500 million people used Instagram stories every day, and that number rises every year. Marketers can utilize Instagram Stories by posting daily on their company’s profile to keep the company top of mind for its users or customers. Marketers can also use Stories to launch ad campaigns and save those stories to be featured on their company’s profile.

Screenshot of Super Chewer social media Instagram page. There are five featured saved Instagram Stories in view: PLAY HACKS, a steak emoji, PLAY, a rocket emoji, and TEMPLATES.


MICROTARGETING: How does your social media course define social media? According to Joei Chan of Social Media TodaySocial, media provides a way to connect with “bundles of audiences defined by specific interests.” This is achieved through microtargeting, which segments wide audiences into smaller groups by gathering demographic, behavioral, geographic, and psychological data on consumers. By segmenting customers into smaller groups, marketers can more effectively target those groups and create advertisements based on each group’s interests.

According to Social Media Today, “media diversification means there’s now content available for pretty much any niche group of fans. This makes it crucial for brands to understand online dynamics when promoting their products, as the messaging and context for one ad campaign may not work for another.”

MICRO-INFLUENCERS: With fewer followers than other influencers — usually between 10–100k — micro-influencers attract more loyal followers. In fact, “they have better engagement rates, they’re smaller, target a niche-specific audience, and because their audience trusts their opinions – have higher conversion rates.” via MediaRails. Creating authentic content and nurturing trust makes micro-influencers the masters of word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. They are also much cheaper than other celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Chris Hemsworth with their millions of followers. 

Example of a micro-influencer's Instagram social media account. The screenshot shows a cup of coffee and a carton of oat creamer. The caption from user foreverbecca says "I can't believe I didn't drink coffee until I was 20 and I can't believe I didn't try oat milk in my coffee until this year. @elmhurst1925 makes the creamiest plant based oat milk products, I love em so much, highly recommend. Click the link in my bio to learn more & try it for yourself at" with a collection of related hashtags.

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