December 2020 High School Newsletter


Hi, everyone!

This will probably be the last newsletter you see in 2020 from me, so I’m writing more of a year-in-review newsletter this time.

At Stukent we’ve done the very best we can to make the most of what we’ve been given. We feel very blessed to be able to help educators like you continue to fight the good fight!

Here are just a few of the things we’ve done this year to try to help:
– Held ProfCon for free and had over 1600 attendees
– Hosted three free Stukent Digital Summits
– Added shopping ads to our Mimic Pro simulation
– The Mimic Personal Finance simulation is now available to over 80 percent of all high school students in Idaho state
– Kicked off our new certifications with a newly formed advisory board of industry experts

We launched these new products:

  1. Mimic Analytics simulation
  2. Mimic Marketing Principles simulation
  3. “Advertising: Selling in Today’s World” e-textbook
  4. “Digital Marketing Analytics” e-textbook
  5. “Business Analytics” e-textbook
  6. “Public Relations” e-textbook
  7. PR simulation coming soon

Stay tuned for a few more product launches in January.

Stukent made the Inc. 5000 list again at number 1067 this year, and we hit the 100+ employees milestone.

Let’s finish this crazy year strong, and make sure we do everything we can to make 2021 our best yet!



Are you looking for additional funding for the upcoming semester? Many teachers are navigating budget cuts given the current pandemic.

This blog post will help you learn how to get funding outside of your allotted school budget.


Do you know a credit union in your area that might be interested in becoming a sponsor so your school can get full access to our Mimic Personal Finance courseware? Share this link with them ➝


Social Media Marketing Education Facebook Group

Mimic Personal Finance Facebook Group

Prepare to teach social media marketing by collaborating with 800+ high school business teachers from all over the country.

Connect with other instructors and learn best practices for using the simulation in your personal finance class.

Free Video Lectures for Mimic Personal Finance

Request access to see 30 video lectures designed to help you teach personal finance using Mimic Personal Finance. They’re great for teaching online, too!


Not sure how to teach your students about social media marketing during a pandemic? Use this quick guide for an overview of how the major social media channels are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Congratulations to the winners of the Stukent + BPA Social Media Marketing Challenge! Learn more about the contest and the winners.

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Bridella Carter is a family and consumer sciences teacher at Fremont High School in Plain City, Utah. Although she has taught FACS for 10 years, this is her first year teaching in Utah and her first year using Mimic Personal Finance. Technology in general comes very naturally to Bridella, and she loves being able to use her creativity and technology to enhance learning opportunities in the classroom.



Catch up on industry updates and new trends in digital marketing!


In this session, Anna demonstrates different strategies for improving engagement on Instagram. She walks through several examples of how popular pages have gained loyal and engaged audiences.

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In this session, Anna covers how to run a successful influencer marketing campaign by describing how to find the right influencers for your brand and how to negotiate the right price point.

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