4 Reasons Business Schools Should Offer Visual Marketing Courses

Remember reading books as a child? Most of your attention was drawn to the pictures instead of the actual words on the page. It’s not that the words weren’t important, but your eyes were automatically drawn to the pictures.

Maybe your preferences in literature have changed, but your brain is still drawn to visual content before it notices words on a page.

And you’re not alone. Studies have shown that 93% of all human communication is visual. This solidifies the crucial role of visual content presence in all marketing platforms. However, today’s business graduates are left clueless on how to use software design programs such as Microsoft Office, InDesign, and others. So, here are the four reasons why visual marketing courses should be taught in all business schools:

1 – Graduates are expected to know basic visual marketing skills

New hires are asked to write and design content that will boost company sales as well as increase brand awareness. Newly graduated students will be entering this image-driven marketplace, so preparing them to create and monetize visual content is important.

2 – Companies seek graduates with visual marketing experience

Visual content is one of the most exciting marketing elements these days. Companies large and small are searching for fresh talent with previous visual content experience who can deliver value to the company by creating original content. Students need to know how to turn in quality slide decks, Word docs, PDFs, web pages, etc.

3 – Students can learn from professionals with experience

Some might think that visual marketing skills can be learned from the internet. This can be true in certain cases. But professors in face-to-face interactions can involve unique content design ideas and instruction on design skills that students wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

4 – Students search for visual media marketing courses

Now, more than ever before, students are seeking classes that will give them basic skills and knowledge about visual media marketing. Unfortunately, some business schools don’t offer graphic design/visual media marketing courses because of the of the complexity of creating such a course.

Not to worry!

Stukent offers a complete Visual Media Marketing course as well as a companion textbook, Visual FOCUS, that will help students learn the basic principles of visual media marketing.

The Visual FOCUS textbook was written to help the students clearly communicate specific marketing messages using key principles in a five-step design process.

The Visual Media Marketing course was designed with students and educators in mind. Not only will the educators receive nine units stocked with resources, but students will learn new visual design skills that will benefit them in their careers.

Want free access?


If you think your students will benefit from this visual media marketing course, request free access to the Visual FOCUS text and to the Visual Media Marketing course now!

Free access to Visual FOCUS and Visual Media Marketing will allow you to view lecture slides, quizzes, projects, assignments and much more.  

Trust me, your students will thank you and your students’ review scores will skyrocket.

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